den nittonde december

Berätta om en vän som bor långt bort

vem ska jag berätta om, då många fina vänner bor alldeles för långt borta. men, en speciell person som jag saknar att ha nära är min vän Rebecka. och från och med nu kommer det som skrivs, skrivas på engelska.

Rebekah is a good friend of mine from my time in sheffield. we happened to end up working in the same coffeshop and we made the job fun together. she’s fun to be around, beautiful and so generous. we both love the same shop called ARK and to wonder around the streets of sheffield. drinking lots and lots of coffee together and just talk about everything thats going on in our lives. she’s one of those friends that you know will be there no matter how often you see each other. she’s amazing and so talented and just… she inspires and encourage me. 
every time i´ve been back visiting she’s welcomed me with open arms and so much love. and she lives to far away…

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